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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Farewell Katie

( may want to not read this!)

Today was Katie Couric's last day on the Today show. It may be a day that passes by and no one even notices. But for me, today is a day of great sadness. I am being very selfish in saying I wish Katie wouldn't leave. And while I'm excited for her new adventure, and am proud to know that she is the first solo evening anchorwoman EVER, I am very sad to not wake up with her every morning. As cheesy as it may sound...Katie was my morning coffee. She was the constant...and has been for the better part of the last 10 years of my life. It was in college that I decided to pursue my education in Broadcast News. A lot of that was in part to Katie. I would tell everyone that I wanted to be the next Katie Couric...when in all reality...I just wanted to be her friend. And that is what I love about her. She has a way of jumping out of the screen and making you feel like she's talking to you, the way a girlfriend would. It is truly a gift.

When I joined my sorority (Tri Delta), in our new member portion, I learned that Katie too was a Tri Delta. I felt even a bigger connection with her then. To me, Katie embodies everything that a morning news anchor should be. Compassionate, informative, caring, bold, encouraging, transparent, among other things. Do I even have to say "perky"??!?! She inspired feeling within me. I have laughed so many times with her, but above all, she has moved me. I have felt empowered by her, and felt like I could make a difference because of a story she has shed light on.

You know how everyone always asks you, if you could ever meet one person in this world, who would it be. Without hesitation, I always answer that question with Katie Couric. She is at the top of the list. And she will continue to hold that spot.

Needless to say, I am wearing all black today in honor of Katie. I will forever miss you in the morning. Gosh...I might actually need to start drinking coffee in the mornings now. Good Luck Katie...I wish you the best. And hey, maybe you will actually inspire me to want to watch the evening news. I know you will break the mold to everything I have known of evening news, because there is no mold that could contain you.


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