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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Destination: Amalfi Coast & Capri has been a crazy month! We got back from our trip, and I went straight into a new building with a new team of people around me, and it has just been CRAZY!! My next few posts will highlight destinations on our big trip to Europe. This first one is about the Amalfi Coast & the island of Capri...and it goes out to Andrea the Great! Girl...I wish you could have been there!

First of all, we drove from Pompeii to Sorrento. The drive was amazing along these mountainous roads overlooking the Italian Coastline. Our tour director Earl told us all about the beautiful city of his best Italian accent. Earl is from New Zealand, so he puts extra accents on everything to sound more European. Most the time it worked...but we laughed because we knew how hard he was trying to sound "local". We stopped at an overlook and took this picture.

Overlooking Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast

We spent two nights in Sorrento. We arrived Easter afternoon. That night we went into Sorrento and thought it would be dead. But it was bustling with activity. I love so much about Italy and the Italian people. They are very passionate, very loud, and everywhere you go, you are sure to see the "teenage mafia" as I call them. Basically they are young italian punks who wear jean jackets with the collars staight up and have some form of a mullet. But they totally make the vibe.

The day after Easter we spent the day on the island of Capri. Or as Earl called it KA-PRREEE. I have to say, there were 2 disappointments on our trip. The first was our day on rained...ALL DAY! I was pretty bummed, but wasn't going to let it ruin my time. When we got there, we pretty much went off on our own to explore the island. We went up the Funicolare (cable car) to the top of the island. After a 15 minute walk we somehow found this amazing view.

The Island of Capri

One of the things I was most excited to do on this trip was to visit the blue grottos in Capri. We held off for most of the day because the rain and drizzle. But as the afternoon was approaching, we decided to go because we didn't want to miss out. So we took a 15 minute motor boat ride to the grottos...while it was raining. Then you get out and basically get into these tiny row boats that hold 4 people. The opening to the grottos is VERY small, that is why the transfer to the row boats. I thought for sure it wasn't going to be that amazing because the sun wasn't surely the water wouldn't be THAT blue. This photo doesn't do it justice...but this is a glimpse of what it looked like in there.

Another view inside the Blue Grottos

All in all...Capri was great. I was bummed because I REALLY REALLY wanted to make it to Positano and check out the town. But because of the rain, I didn't want to put the effort into find the right bus that got to that part of the coast before the sun set. I decided to save my first experience of Positano for a sunny day. But was amazing. I am in NO WAY an eloquent writer. I wish I could express what is in my heart in words...but I have just never been good at that. You need to get there...immediately. We decided that next time we go to Europe that we will just do Italy and stay along the coast for longer. It was magical!


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