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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Destination: Liverpool

One of the places that Steve was the most excited to go to on our trip was Liverpool. I have to admit...I was hesitant to give up one of my free days in London to take a day trip to Liverpool...the home of the Beatles. But, I did it gladly. What I didn't know, was how great the day was going to be. Steve and I had a 4-hour private guided tour around to all the Beatles sites. We listened to Beatles music, and we visited homes, schools, clubs, etc. all were vital points of interest in Beatles history. We went to Penny Lane and Elanor Rigby's grave and The Cavern, a pub where the Beatles played hundreds of shows. We also went to Strawberry fields. I was probably most excited about this particular highlight. Strawberry Fields Forever is one of my favorite Beatles songs.

Strawberry Fields Forever!

I guess I always figured it was a big field where strawberries grow that was a park area. But Strawberry Fields is actually a house where Orphans went with fields around it. I did see Strawberry plants all around, so that is probably where it got it's name. When John Lennon wrote the song, his home was through the fields and down the hill. So he would wander around Strawberry Fields even though he was trespassing on the property of the Orphanage.

John Lennon's Boyhood Home

This is a picture of the two of us standing in front of the house where John Lennon grew up. It is actually owned by the government and is a museum today. It was outside this house that John's mom was run over by a car. This is the kind of info that was so amazing to learn on this tour.

I am a Beatles fan. I've always liked their music. When I met Steve we watched the Beatles Anthology together. That's 8 DVDs of Beatles history. It was really cool. I became a bigger fan then. But The Beatles really came alive this trip. To learn new stories...and to see these places in indescribable! I'm SO GLAD we decided to go to Liverpool!


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